Being adequately prepared and resourced when a disaster strikes can make the difference between success and failure, between survival and loss of life.

This white paper identifies and makes recommendations regarding the top priorities to prepare for and manage a significant event.

Based on the experiences and observations from Public Safety professionals who experienced first-hand the challenges of the Christchurch earthquake, this paper brings to life the realities of handling a significant event.

This paper includes interviews with the first responders from Christchurch as well as examples from a range of global case studies including the Victoria Bush Fires in Australia, Hurricane Katrina in the US, and the Labour Youth Camp shootings in Norway. All are documented in this must-read white paper for anyone interested in and responsible for disaster management.

Recommendations for disaster preparedness include:

  • Know your priorities and who is in charge
  • Know what it is you are dealing with
  • Ensure you can manage the demand for information
  • Update your strategy often, calculate the risks and be ready for the unexpected.

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