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Is your communications system prepared for a major disaster?

During most natural disasters, telecommunications and power are some of the first things to be disrupted.

Consider this - A major event has occurred. Do you:

  • Know your priorities and who is in charge?
  • Know what it is you are dealing with and where all your people are?
  • Have confidence you can manage the increased demand for information?

After a major national disaster the first 72 hours are the most critical period for emergency teams to respond to those in need and prevent further damage.

During this period every second is precious. Are you and your communications system equipped for the race against time that will follow?

One of the biggest challenges in any disaster situation is random instinctual and uncoordinated actions which can exacerbate chaos.

Being adequately prepared and resourced when a disaster strikes can make the difference between success and failure, between survival and loss of life.

This white paper identifies and makes recommendations regarding the top priorities to prepare for and manage a significant event.

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