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Connection Issue 1

Tait Connection Magazine Issue 1

Featured Articles

P25 Phase 2: What do the delegates say?
Following on from the P25 Phase 2 Roundtable, Connection put the delegates on the spot and asked what they believe are the major benefits that P25 Phase 2 will deliver.

GENUINE P25 Interoperability
Project 25 goes well beyond a standard that enables public safety agencies to communicate and work together. It also seeks to guarantee that radio communications equipment is benchmarked for reliability, public safety operability, is future-proofed, and above all, cost-effective.

Applying LTE to Public Safety
LTE (the Long Term Evolution standard for wireless communication) has been a major driver behind technological and social change.

Also in this issue

The New South Wales State Emergency Service and Tait look beyond technology to optimize critical communications - assessing language and behaviour for optimal communication under pressure.

Looking to migrate your radio communications? 
Government regulators are implementing mandates to improve radio spectrum efficiency, requiring network operators to “narrowband” – migrate from wideband 25 kHz operation to 12.5 kHz (or 6.25 kHz) equivalent operation.

A menu-based approach to system support 
Buying a modern PMR (Private Mobile Radio) system means buying and maintaining a very large and complex IT system. For many operators, this is a daunting task, yet sourcing the right support to complement their in-house competencies and operational priorities is not easy.

Other topics include

  • An interview with Dan Brooks
  • Phase 2-ready
  • Congestion in the Radio Frequency Spectrum
  • Channel Sharing: FDMA, TDMA, CDMA
  • Trunked DMR

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