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Connection is your free online magazine about critical communications. It brings to life the current trends with thought-provoking articles and insights from a range of industry experts. Subscribe today and never miss an issue!

This issue celebrates 50 Years of Tait Communications with a look at the future of critical industries.

Featured Articles

The Future of Critical Comms
What technological disruption does the future hold, what trends are emerging, and what do you need to know to be prepared?

Who's Watching your Network?
Proactive monitoring and management of critical communications networks are key to business continuity, maximizing up-time for the safety and effectiveness of your team.

A Closer Look at Geofencing
When you are in the market for property, they say location is everything. It’s also important when you are running a communications network.


Other topics include

    • The Changing Face of Emergency Medicine
    • Radio Dispatch in the Resources Industry
    • The Future of Comms for Utilities
    • Dedication in the Face of Disaster
    • and many more!

            Each article is full of interesting stories and opinions on the evolving world of critical communications. Subscribe now to never miss an issue.