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Connection Issue 9 out now!

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In the much anticipated 9th issue we dive deeper into the future of emergency communications in the US, discover new trends in the fast-paced technology environment, learn about ongoing issues in the mining industry – and much more!

Featured Articles

LMR in a FirstNet World
We look at a number of hot questions on what role LMR has alongside FirstNet in the US and whether it can be the only source of voice communications in Public Safety. Although LMR networks are currently sufficient for some level of functionality, FirstNet could become a must-have in the long run. The article covers some crucial benefits of integrating FirstNet with LMR that may transform the world of critical communicaitons forever.

Mission Possible
Change is constant and this has never been more relevant to the world of communications. We asked Kevin Golding, Applications Manager at South Midlands Communications (SMC) in the UK about his perspective on recent trends in the mobile radio and critical comms community. He shares insight into expanded industry capabilities and current customer demands. With new applications that come into play, customers’ imagination is the only limit as anything is becoming possible.

Prospecting For New Solutions
While some industries are prospering, Mining is in an ongoing up-and-down cycle. Dr Jan Noordhof explains in detail why mining companies are facing challenges and how digital solutions can mitigate the increasing risks. As opposed to Oil, Gas and Utilities, there is no universal digital solution for Mining, however several enterprises have already launched pilot projects and anticipate positive results.

Also in this issue

Bridging To The Future with Convergence Technologies – Michelle Johnson, Director of LTE Advocacy and Business Development at Harris Corporation, takes a closer look at the future of Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadband and converged devices.

Coverage Theory: The Important Differences Between Digital Voice And Data Specification – Regular Connection contributor, Ian Graham, Principal Engineer at Tait Communications, explains some important differences when specifying digital voice and data.

Tait Partner Perspective:  The High Tech Uptake – Rainer Grob is an engineer and owner of Nova Funk Engineering AG, mobile comms specialists in Lucerne, Switzerland. He talks to Connection about the changes he has seen over his career, and Switzerland’s unique communications environment.

Other topics include

  • Open ICT Standards for Public Transport
  • Push-to-Talk over Cellular
  • Effective Point-to-Multipoint Networking
  • Five lessons from the Resources Industry
  • Women in Technology
  • In-building Radio Coverage
  • A flexible approach to services

Each article is full of interesting stories and opinions on the evolving world of critical communications. Subscribe now to never miss an issue.