Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technology is designed to avoid excessive complexity and keep your costs down.

This webinar will help you understand the steps involved, assign priorities and outline the key processes and issues involved in migrating to a DMR network.

This webinar will:

  • Provide an overview to the key functionality included in the DMR standard
  • Help assign migration priorities based on a service continuity/cost matrix
  • Outline the high level steps required to successfully introduce a new network
  • Provide practical guidelines for successful migration to a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) network


Bruce Mazza
Vice President of Solutions Marketing, Tait Communications

Bruce Mazza is the VP of Solutions Marketing at Tait Communications and is helping shape the future direction of Unified Critical Communication solutions for public safety, utilities and other critical industries with DMR.

Denis O'Shea
CEO, Mobile Mentor

Denis O’Shea is the founder and CEO of Mobile Mentor, a specialist provider of enterprise mobility solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Helmut Koch
President of Exacom

Helmut Koch is the President of Exacom, a company he helped found in in 1986. Since then, EXACOM has grown to become a leading manufacturer of multi-media recording solutions for public safety, homeland security, defense, utilities and transportation applications.

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