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The fire industry experts at Tait have developed a tailored communications solution specifically for the fire ground. Taking new approaches to improve worker safety and communications, this solution has taken years and a team of dedicated experts to perfect.

Speak with Richard Russell, our regional fire industry expert, and learn more about this Tait fire solution and how we have redefined incident ground communications using high power ATEX devices. To book an online meeting, simply fill in the form on the right and we'll be in touch to set up a time. 


Features of the Tait Fire Solution:

  • Acoustic Feedback Reduction.
    Tait radios can operate approximately 1 m from each other, meaning close proximity group communications are uninterrupted and BA wearers in close proximity can have a radio each, enhancing their own safety.
  • Large Buttons.
    Even with gloved hands and in zero visibility, these large buttons are designed to operate easily and without thinking. 
  • Audio Accessories.
    Discreet communication for officers where needed, allowing communication of private information at times, especially when there are public bystanders.
  • Clearer Audio From BA Wearers.
    Tait TP9300 radios offer enhanced processing of audio from the breathing apparatus masks, further improving audio clarity.  


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To help you and your team stay safe and connected during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tait would like to offer you Tait TeamPTT free for 3 months for 5 users on your team.

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We have decades of experience delivering results and have worked side by side with many clients worldwide.
Read our press release on our latest win of East Sussex FRS and  take a look at our fire case studies here.

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