Brand Your World with TP3

Choose one of these promotions, add the promo code to your order and receive free accessories or a base station!


Buy 10 or more TP3, choose one accessory per radio at no additional cost.
Battery pack, carry case, speaker mic or covert kit.

Promo Code: TP3-ACCY


Buy 50 or more TP3, receive a base station at no additional cost.
TB7300 DMR/Analog base station.

Promo Code: TP3-BASE

Don't miss out, order before April 3, 2020

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The following products are available in this promotion:


  • TP3000 Battery Pack 2000mAh
  • TP3000 Carry Case Nylon 0 Key
  • TP3000 Carry Case Nylon 4/16 Key
  • TP33/81/93/94 Spkr Mic Medium-Weight 3.5mm-Jack
  • TP33/81/93/94 Covert Kit Earhanger Lapel-Mic-With-PTT
Only one accessory per terminal can be selected for the same qty of TP3 terminals purchased. Additional accessories are procured at normal pricing. E.g. if 15 TP3350 purchased and 18 accessories ordered, the three additional accessories will be charged at normal rates.
Listed accessories only as specified and not interchangeable for other price listed accessory items.
Must note Promo Code TP3-ACCY on purchase orders in comments.


Base Stations

  • TB7300 Base Station
    Conv 148-174M 50W DC12
  • TB7300 Base Station
    Conv 400-470M 40W DC12
  • TB7300 Base Station
    Conv 470-520M 40W DC12
TB7300 base stations available are as noted operating in Analogue and DMR Tier 2. SFE keys to enable other software enhanced functions are available for purchase at normal purchase price.
Base station bundle only eligible when purchased in quantities of 50 units e.g. if 60 TP3’s purchased, only
1 x TB7300 is eligible.
Must note Promo Code TP3-BASE on purchase orders in comments. Only the TB7300 codes listed are eligible.

General Terms and Conditions

  • For new orders only within the promotional period October 1, 2019 through April 3 2020. Existing orders are not applicable.
  • These promotional offers are currently available to customers in the USA and Canada.
  • All orders must be shipped/invoiced prior to April 13, 2020 to be eligible.
  • Bundles cannot be altered in structure however TP3 covers are purchased as required and normal buy price.
  • Eligible products – TP3300, TP3350 both UHF 400-480Mhz and VHF 136-174Mhz or UHF 2 450-520Mhz if available in the promotional period.
  • Tait retain the right to change or end this promotion without further explanation at any point in time.
  • TP3 terminals and covers are purchased at current contracted buy price and not further discounted.
  • Purchase orders to be clearly marked when promotional items and offer to be applied.
  • Each offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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