Critical communications is no longer voice-only. Often, it includes integrated systems and rich data applications. Choosing the right network and tools for your critical operations has become even more complex.

Each network type has its advantages for certain applications and tasks, but it has become clear that no single network can serve the diverse needs of Public Safety agencies.

The challenge is to seamlessly combine next-generation tools with secure, interoperable mission-critical voice to increase user effectiveness and dramatically improve outcomes.

This on-demand webinar will challenge the current mobility paradigms and provide an overview of how a unified critical communications approach can meet both mission-critical and business-critical needs.


Bruce Mazza
Vice President of Solutions Marketing, Tait Communications

Bruce Mazza is the VP of Solutions Marketing at Tait Communications and is helping shape the future direction of Unified Critical Communication solutions for public safety, utilities and other critical industries with DMR.

Brendon Quinn
Network Manager, EA Networks

Brendon Quinn is the Network Manager from EA Networks in Ashburton, NZ. He shares his experiences with rolling out a DMR Tier 3 network and how narrowbanding is an opportunity to empower business operations.

Helmut Koch
President of Exacom

Helmut Koch is the President of Exacom, a company he helped found in in 1986. Since then, EXACOM has grown to become a leading manufacturer of multi-media recording solutions for public safety, homeland security, defense, utilities and transportation applications.

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