FCC narrow banding mandates are looming. Is your radio system compliant for the January 01, 2013 deadline? Do you have an analog FM radio system?

This webinar will help you determine your preparedness and identify whether you need to migrate to digital. Most importantly it will guide you along the first steps in migration planning.


  • Overview of the current FCC narrowbanding regulatory requirements
  • First steps in migration planning
  • P25 Introduction and Overview
  • Analog to P25 Digital Migration
  • P25 Phase 1 versus Phase 2
  • How P25 systems can be upgraded

What you will learn:

Learn how to stage your migration over several years to meet narrowbanding mandates whilst also spreading system costs over several years. This session will illustrate how systems can be successfully upgraded with critical applications such as encryption when P25 Networks are adopted.

This presentation was first delivered at APCO 2011 presented by Dr Jan Noordhof, VP Product Marketing, Tait Communications.

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